• Donny Fairborn
  • February 02 2018

This is the third season we'll be hosting our all-inclusive cycling weekend in Haliburton with accommodations at Camp White Pine.


Eventbrite - Haliburton Cycling Weekend


“ I am delighted to share my love of the region, of camp life and of cycling. Cycling the rugged terrain of Haliburton is an exhilarating challenge as roads carve and climb through the Canadian Shield, alongside picturesque lakes and villages. This weekend offers a unique opportunity to kick start the season supported by an experienced team of passionate cyclists. There is time to take advantage of many of the camp facilities as well as explore the region. In the span of the weekend you will get a taste of the magic of both camp life and cycling the Haliburton Highlands.”
— Sarah Kronick, Member of the White Pine and La Bicicletta Families.

'We are eagerly counting down the days until camp! The Haliburton region is one of our favourite areas to spend time on our bikes - with its incredible scenic roads, spectacular views of lakes and rivers. We cannot wait to ride and enjoy the outdoors with you - See you, and your bike, in May.'
— Brad Bradford, Principal, Toronto Hustle


What’s New for 2018:

This year we are extremely fortunate to be joined by members of The Toronto Hustle Team who will be leading some of the more challenging rides.

We are also thrilled to have Luigia Zilli of Bicycle Art on board. Luigia will be hosting an Art Party complete with Prosecco! Participants will leave the session with a completed bicycle themed painting (a great Mothers Day gift). Besides being a talented artist, Luigia is an enthusiastic and experienced cyclist and will help with some of our rides.


Who’s Returning:

Once again, Connie White of The Rad Room will be offering pre and post ride Yoga sessions in front of a warm fire with the backdrop of a placid lake…This can not be beat!


The Cycling Routes:

Our goal is to offer all riders challenging opportunities. We have pro-cyclists, leading the rides and professional coaches available to work with cyclists of any skill level. Based on our knowledge of the area, aided by Strava, we will chart out several options for routes. Routes will be fine-tuned once we ascertain the skill level of participants.

Saturday morning rides:

The longest challenge: will be approximately 110km and will be led by members of the Toronto Hustle Team along with our own Davide Frattini.

The medium challenge: will be approximately 50km and will be led by members of our experienced team. If a more relaxed ride is required we will arrange accordingly.

Sunday morning rides:

There will be two rides. We will plan these according to the rider’s preferences, with one route being longer and more challenging and the other at a more relaxed pace. All rides will be led by accomplished riders and will be followed by support vehicles. Once routes are finalized, we will provide the downloadable routes.


What’s to Expect:

  • Upon registration, each rider will receive a welcoming gift.
  • No matter your skill level, expect to be challenged on beautiful routes, lead by experienced cyclists.
  • Feel confident that we are there to support you both on the rides and throughout the weekend.
  • All accommodations, meals, beverages and activities will be included.
  • Wine and beer will be served with dinners.
  • All meals will be prepared by our talented chef and his crew, in a nut free facility. Dietary needs can be accommodated.
  • After rides we can clean your bike if needed and of course there will be mechanics on hand.



  • Check in anytime after 4 pm.
  • Dinner (served with wine and local brew)
  • Snack and introductions in the Staff Lounge
  • Morning Yoga
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Ride sets out
  • Lunch back at camp
  • Open Activities such as Ropes, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Fishing, Canoeing, Yoga, Art Party
  • Dinner (served with wine and local brew)
  • Movie and Snacks
  • Morning Yoga
  • Mothers Day Brunch
  • Ride
  • Lunch
  • Departure by 2pm* * Plenty of time to be home for Mothers Day Dinner.



Staff Cabins:

There will be limited space in staff cabins. These cabins all have full washroom facilities. Some have kitchen facilities. If you are in a staff cabin, you may be sharing the cabin with others. If you organize a group we will try to accommodate you and put you together in one cabin. There are also a few staff cabins with double, or queen beds for couples. Some staff cabins have limited heating

Camper Cabins:

The cabins we have chosen have washroom facilities on site, with the shower facility nearby. They are nestled on the lake and are in the main area of the camp, close to the dining hall. There will be cabins designated for female riders and male riders.



We are limiting the numbers and will be accepting registration until Monday May 6th. Fees will be refundable in full one week prior. After that you can give your spot to someone else and notify us so that we can make the appropriate adjustments.


Early Bird Registration — up until Feb 26th:

Staff Cabin: $389 +tax
Camper Cabin: $339 +tax


Early Registration — until April 9th:

Staff Cabin: $429 +tax
Camper Cabin: $379 +tax



Staff cabins: $499 + tax
Camper Cabin: $449 + tax


Prices include a welcoming gift, accommodations, meals and snacks, beverages, wine and beer with dinner, camp fee as well as use of many of the facilities, entertainment and more!


Eventbrite - Haliburton Cycling Weekend
Things you will need to bring:
  • Bike and Cycling gear,(If possible please bring two sets of gear)
  • Bedding and towels (sleeping bags, quilts, pillows).
  • Warm casual clothes for when you are not on the bike.
  • Indoor exercise gear (yoga, lounge wear)
  • Gear suited for outdoor activities (Ropes course, basketball, tennis...etc)

To have a look at more of the facilities check here:
Camp White Pine


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  • Chris Hollinshead
  • February 02 2018

Expo Epoca d'oro 2018

La Bicicletta Toronto invites you to attend and/or participate in our retro cycling event exposition; Expo Epoca d'oro 2018.

The date: Saturday, February 17, 2018
The time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
The place: La Bicicletta Toronto, 1180 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ontario

If you love the sport of cycling as well as appreciate the beauty of its history then you will want to join us on this day as we pay homage to the past with an exposition of vintage/classic bikes (pre 1987 era) and other items of interest from the golden era/epoca d’oro of cycling.

This event will involve vintage/classic bikes (pre 1987 era) utilizing such items as; steel frames, toe clips and straps, downtube friction shifters, wool jerseys, wool shorts and many other cool things that people may bring out to show.
So start to get your own vintage/classic equipment ready for the event and plan to come out and show off your special ride and accessories. Reserve the date on your calendar.

The event registration: Please pre-register prior to the event. There is no cost. Registration is now open, to register please follow this Registration link: Expo Epoca d'oro 2018

There are two types of tickets: (please choose your ticket from the menu)
1. Attending
2. Attending with display bike

See you there!
Event information is also available at our website:

  • Chris H
  • November 05 2017

Zwift 101 - Learn to Zwift with La Bicicletta

La Bicicletta presents an evening seminar on how to Zwift...everything you wanted to know about Zwifting!

Choose your date. Register/reserve your event ticket here. Limited number of tickets available

What is Zwift? Zwift is an exceptionally interactive training tool/game that makes indoor cycling training fun and rewarding for everybody. Your real-world efforts power your customized avatar across beautiful landscapes. Ride with cyclists from all around the world, at all levels, in real-time. ...check the Zwift website for further details.

Join in on the on-line training revolution and find out how to get an equipment set-up, connected to Zwift and learn all kinds of inside Zwifting tips from experienced riders to help you "RIDE ON" down the virtual road to improved cycling fitness.

The number of participants is limited to a small group of 10 per session so that we may will be able to interact with you on a more intimate level. It probably goes without saying but please bring your mobile phone with you as we will discuss the Zwift Mobile App during our session.

Three Thursday evening seminars are planned in November 2017. On-line ticket reservations only.
Choose your date. Register/reserve your event ticket here. Limited number of tickets available

Evening 1: Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Evening 2: Date: Thursday, November 23, 2017
Evening 3: Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Event Location: La Bicicletta
1180 Castlefield Avenue, Toronto, ON M6B 1G1
Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Free on-site convenient parking

Please feel free to forward this invite along to anyone you feel may be interested.

See you on the road. See you on Zwift. RIDE ON!
The La Bicicletta Team

  • Chris H
  • October 16 2017

La Bicicletta presents: Zwift-Toronto Hustle Event!

Think orange... think Zwift
Think Toronto Hustle...
The indoor training season is starting!

All just in time for Halloween… Monday, October 30th, 2017

RSVP/ Follow this link to obtain your event ticket: La Bicicletta Zwift Event ticket
Limited number of tickets available

Spend an evening with Zwift and the local elite cycling team Toronto Hustle.  

We are thrilled to announce that the Zwift team from California and the Toronto Hustle will be making a visit to La Bicicletta Toronto. Toronto Hustle will ride Zwift and you can join in! ...or just watch. Come with your cycling gear and we will set you up on a smart trainer for some fun Zwift racing. Take on a Toronto Hustle rider, discuss training programs, tips and strategies to stay motivatived over the winter and train with the team. For more about the Toronto Hustle cycling team follow this link: Toronto Hustle

Enjoy a great night of racing, Zwifting and much, much more.
La Bicicletta is an official designated Zwift Experience Dealer.

Take advantage of in-store training offers and incentives. We hope that you will join us for this fun evening and start to plan your Fall/Winter 2017-18 indoor training!

RSVP/ Follow this link to obtain your event ticket: La Bicicletta Zwift Event ticket
Limited number of tickets available

Event Location: La Bicicletta
1180 Castlefield Avenue, Toronto, ON M6B 1G1
Date: Monday, October 30, 2017
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Free on-site parking

Please feel free to forward this invite along to anyone you feel may be interested. 

See you on the road. See you on Zwift. RIDE ON!
The La Bicicletta Team

Update posting from the event  (posted November 07 2017)

 photos provided courtesy of Jeff Green.
...and here's a few photos of the La Bicicletta-Toronto Hustle-Zwift event evening.
 Jacob from Zwift of California gives the last minute instructions for the Zwift Challenge riders.
It was great to have the Toronto Hustle cycling team on hand for the evening.
...and the challengers rode up the digital hill for the best time.
 Some of them had extreme focus!
Some of them even smiled while pushing 400 watts!
Thanks for attending the evening. Hope you had fun.  laBici
  • Jeff Green
  • September 05 2017

Carlos Rodriguez of La Bicicletta at the
2017 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Albi, France


How long was the race, and how many climbs?

I raced in the 40-44 age group and my race was 155km with 2 major climbs.

How did you train for the event ?- Coming from southern Ontario with no mountains to climb.

I followed a specific training plan- courtesy of my good friend, Kevin Davis

From Tuesday to Sunday, I would climb the Scarborough Bluffs, High Park, the Bayview extension,  and Pottery road on a regular basis.  During spring and summer, on some weekends, I would join the Donut Ride -a large group of very fast cyclists. Or, with another group, B1 Evo, we'd sometimes ride in the Blue Mountains/ Collingwood area, or ride to Lake Simcoe.  In the winter I used Zwift as my indoor training tool, and followed a similar schedule.

How long were the climbs in France and what kind of grade?

The first was for about 12 km and the second one about 3 km, both with and average of 8% , and with some ramps at 15% .  I didn’t find the mountains a huge challenge- for me the descents were the problem.

The descents were really fast and dangerous with many turns and quick drops.  You needed to brake often to avoid a crash or be thrown off the road. We certainly don’t have those kinds of descents in Ontario and for a first time participant it can be very stressful.

Sommet du Ventoux

Carlos waiting to start


What happened during the race? - Take us though from the start to the finish

My category start time was 8:44am but getting into the corralled area was chaotic for many as we tried to position ourselves near the front.  It seemed like many riders had already been waiting for over 2 hours inorder to nab the good spots.  I spent an hour or so trying to enter the start area however I was unfortunately positioned behind the middle of the pack.

Once the race began we had a 2km neutral ride, but, from the start, the guys in front were racing fast and aggressive. Even in the neutral zone the speed was over 45km/h.

At only 15km from the start four guys broke away and the pack just let them go. I thought that some riders would go after them, and I was willing to go, but it seemed no one was interested in the chase. About 10km later there was another breakaway with around 26 riders and I managed to jump from the pack and get in contact with them.

We worked for a long time and stayed together to the bottom of first climb. I was expecting an attack on the uphill but it never happened- instead everybody decided to climb at a steady pace until we reached the top. Then most of the riders decided to attack the descent. It was quite dangerous but I kept up with them until we got to the second climb. The same thing happened, the pack attacked  the descent and I tried to keep up but, unfortunately, at  95km I missed a turn and went off the road into a field.

Thank God I was okay and managed to come back on to the road quickly, but the pack was long gone. I had no choice but to continue riding on my own until the next big pack caught me. I stayed with them, maintained an average of 40-45km/h, and finished the race safely.

Overall, it was a good race, and an awesome experience.

Was there a point in the race where you were feeling great and thought that you had a good chance at a win or podium?

Before the race I was confident with my physical and emotional condition.  I always race with the hope of winning or getting placing well. This was definitely another level of cycling- very strong, very fast, and lots international experienced riders.

I felt great throughout because I was able to keep up with the packs. However, once I saw the first four guys get away I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch up by myself and a podium place was not on my mind for the rest of the race. I just wanted to be able to finish the race, with as good a time and placing as possible.

Where did you finish, and how happy are you with the result? What, if anything, would you do differently ?

I finished 53rd out of 232 riders with a time of 4:01, which is almost the same finishing time as the 3rd pack.

I’m happy with the time, but not with the placing. I still made it within the first 25%, however I would definitely try to position better at the start- because once you start past the middle of the large pack there is no way you can pass to the front, and your chances of finishing in the top ten are much less likely.

Carlos Rodriguez and Dawn Heinemeyer

Carlos training


You arrived a week earlier, how did you train while in France?

I was very lucky to arrive a week ahead of the race and adjust myself to the time change. I was also lucky to stay at the B&B of Rob Sule in Malaucene -

Rob showed me around and gave me many helpful tips about riding in France. As much as I didn’t want to do hills prior to the race it was inevitable due to the terrain in that area. Overall, the roads and weather were excellent for training.  

What did you do about nutrition, what did you eat?

My diet was definitely affected while in France. The food is quite different but, thankfully, my wife, Sonia,  ensured that I was getting the same kind of food that I’m used to which is rice, chicken, salad, my trail mix, bananas, yogurt, boiled eggs, and thank God for the fresh figs at Rob’s place !

My waters is always mixed with a 100% vegan electrolyte powder and honey

And of course my typical gels for every ride,  power bars, etc..

How did it feel to be a Cuban representing Canada in this world class event?

I was very proud to represent Canada at an International event. Cuba always will be in my heart but, unfortunately, this kind of opportunity is not available to the majority of Cuban's and that’s very sad.

Canada is truly a country of opportunity for the people that decide to work hard in life and I am a true example of that. I could never be more thankful to Canada and the people whom have always made me feel like I belong.

I hope some day to win a podium for Canada, with my Cuban heart !

Are you considering racing the 2018 event in Varese, Italy?

Definitely !